Dr. Jonathan Swinton, Artist

Dr. Jonathan Swinton is a nationally published, award winning, university trained artist. He has had images displayed in prominent galleries across the country, has had images published in numerous magazines and books, and has served as a judge for photography competitions.

Jonathan has spent years photographing the natural and human-created wonders of the world. Influences of the romantic aesthetic are hidden in these scenes and stories of history. The constant battle of the influence of mankind on the land and the land's reclamation are themes throughout his images.

Jonathan credits his artistic development to the tutelage of the great Tillman Crane and Craig Law with whom he traveled the west assisting them as an intern and student in the 1990's. He also acknowledges the influence of the printed works of Paul Caponigro, Eugene Atget, Sara Northerner, Ansel Adams, William Clift, the F/64 group, and the romantic painter John Constable.

Jonathan is a couple and family counselor by day (www.drswinton.com) who finds creating artwork provides balance in his life. He is an advocate for artists everywhere who can use their craft as their passion and avocation to balance their lives. This is congruent with the romanticism he portrays in his artwork.

Visit the galleries below to view Jonathan's artwork.

Images were created with quality Olympus digital cameras.